From the Spring 2021 Musical Times, available now


Ivan Moody: ‘Music as theology’
Ronald Broude: ‘The interpretive edition: its history and future’
Francis Knights: ‘Revisiting the keyboard music of Giles Farnaby’
Michael Talbot: ‘The chamber cantatas of Diogenio Bigaglia (1678–1745): Venice’s overlooked dilettante’
Brian Newbould: ‘Rhythm in classical music’
Hugh Macdonald: ‘Early Beethoven’
John Arthur: ‘On the chronology of Mozart’s Lo sposo deluso


by Arnold Whittall and Andrew Thomson of

Martin Iddon & Philip Thomas: John Cage’s Concert for piano and orchestra
David Tudor: Solo for piano by John Cage
Christina Guillaumier: The operas of Sergei Prokofiev
Lee Rothfarb & Christopher Landerer, edd.: Edward Hanslick’s On the Musically Beautiful: a new translation
Robert W. Wason & Matthew Brown: Heinrich Schenker’s conception of harmony
Margaret Notley: ‘Taken by the devil’: the censorship of Frank Wedekind & Alban Berg’s Lulu
Julian Anderson & Christopher Dingle: Julian Anderson: dialogues on culture, composing and listening