From the Summer 2024 Musical Times, available now

Peter Phillips: ‘The China tour’
Andrew Thomson: ‘Redemption by the spiritual purity of nakedness: d’Indy’s Istar and an ancient Assyrian legend’
Brian Newbould: ‘Dissonance in tonal music 2: more complex, personal, or referential dissonances; hyper dissonance’
James Porter: ‘Maiden, poet, composer, princess: agents in the making of Louis Berger’s Colma: scène ossianique (1810)’
Lionel Pike: ‘An eye for colour: John Ward and the madrigal’
Arnold Whittall: ‘What music tells us’

and a review by Andrew Thomson of

Julian Rushton: Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique

Arnold Whittall: Schoenberg: ‘Night music’ – Verklärte Nacht and Erwartung

From the Spring 2024 Musical Times, available now


Ronald Broude & Mary Cyr: ‘The musical work before the work concept, or the 18th-century acceptance of musical compositions as works’

Brian Newbould: ‘Dissonance in tonal music 1: purpose and principles’

Arnold Whittall: ‘2024 and all what? Forward to basics’

Stephen Arthur Allen: ‘Fanfares, flourishes & tattoos: narratives in Herbert Howells’s Pageantry (1937) and Three figures (1960) for brass band’

Lionel Pike: ‘Cambridge puzzles? Howells at Evensong’

and reviews by Richard Langham Smith and Andrew Thomson of

Étienne Jardin: Exposer la musique: Le festival du Trocadéro (Paris 1878)
Clair Rowden: Opera and parody in Paris, 1860–1900
Fiona Maddocks: Goodbye Russia: Rachmaninoff in exile

From the Winter 2023 Musical Times, available now


Michael Talbot: ‘FE Fisher revisited: more on the life and music of Friedrich Ernst Fischer (c.1711/12–1760)’

Andrew Thomson: ‘Dissolution and resolution: superimposed fourth formations in Mahler 7 and Schoenberg’s op.9’

Barbara Barry: ‘Perspectives on Schubert’s “Wanderer” Fantasy: conceptual models and compositional strategy “quasi una fantaisa”’

Judith Chernaik: ‘Brahms in conversation with Bach: the violin Chaconne arranged for piano, left hand’

Donald Burrows: ‘ “Lost” movements from the early performances of Handel’s Messiah

Kerry McCarthy & John Harley: ‘William Byrd’s library revisited’

The Blue French


Peter Phillips’s debut novel, The Blue French, is now available here and via amazon.

Have you ever wanted to take part in a performance of Tallis's colossal Spem in alium? Or experience Allegri's sublime Miserere up close? Now is your chance to live it all, as Peter Phillips describes the world of London’s singers – professional, amateur and chaotic – as they sing, argue and fall in love. Join them in The Blue French, a friendly North London restaurant where musicians of every kind gather between sessions. Gossip, eat and drink with them as they attend rehearsals. Above all, meet Ahmed, the Palestinian proprietor, and his mysterious helper Eugene, with their own stories to tell. Here is a whole society of creative people in action, revealed in minute detail, unlikely to be exposed to such a unblinking inspection again.

The author, Peter Phillips, is Director of The Tallis Scholars, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.

From the Autumn 2023 Musical Times, available now


Peter Phillips: ‘Fifty years on’
Brian Newbould: ‘Double passing notes and the “sesta sfiorata” ’
Allan W. Atlas: ‘Madelon Coates’s guide to London: Vaughan Williams’s A London Symphony in the United States, 1920–1925


by Andrew Thomson, David Wright, Arnold Whittall and Richard Langham Smith of 

Eric Saylor: Vaughan Williams
Nigel Simeone: Ralph Vaughan Williams and Adrian Boult
Caroline Davison: The Captain’s Apprentice: Ralph Vaughan Williams and the story of a folk song
Robert O. Gjerdingen: Child composers in the old conservatories: how orphans became elite musicians
Karen Arrandale: Edward J. Dent: a life of words and music
Tom Perchard, Stephen Graham, Tim Rutherford-Johnson & Holly Rogers: Twentieth century music in the West: an introduction
Denis Herlin:
Claude Debussy: Portraits et Études

From the Summer 2023 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘James Wood at 70: a composer and a treatise’
Stephen Arthur Allen: ‘Bliss in brass: Sir Arthur’s two brass band masterpieces recontextualised’
Justin Vickers: ‘Britten, Pears, and Pushkin: a history of The poet’s echo in translation’
H. Diack Johnstone: ‘Thomas Bever: an 18th-century jurist and his collection of old music’
Lionel Pike: ‘Ward’s pre-Gostling basses’


by Andrew Thomson of 
Vicki P. Stroeher & Justin Vickers, edd.: Benjamin Britten in context

From the Spring 2023 Musical Times, available now


Michael Talbot: ‘Philip Peter Eiffert: a German oboist and composer in 18th-century London’
Brian Newbould: ‘Mozart makes ends meet’
Barbara Barry: ‘Perspectives on Schubert’s “Wanderer” Fantasy: conceptual models and compositional strategy “quasi una fantaisa” ’
Arnold Whittall: ‘Siegfried as master smith: Wagner’s ironic hymn to stability’
James Porter: ‘Lied composition and ethical action: settings of Goethe’s “Wonne der Wehmuth” by Alfred Julius Becher and Adolf Busch’


by Andrew Thomson and Arnold Whittall of

Rebecca Mitchell: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Richard Kramer: From the ruins of Enlightenment: Beethoven and Schubert in their solitude