From the Autumn 2021 Musical Times, available now


Mary Cyr: ‘The “air of mystery” in François Couperin’s Pièces de violes (1728)’
Beverly Jerold: ‘The 19th-century piano and finger-strengthening devices’
Brian Newbould: ‘Schubert and Bach 1’
Andrew Thomson: ‘Proto-modernist visions of tragedy and damnation: Berlioz & Shakespeare, Liszt & Dante’
James Porter: ‘Schoenberg’s six Oscars: musical encounters with a fateful name’
Stephen Arthur Allen: ‘Love requiem 1: Eric Ball in Context’


by Arnold Whittall and Andrew Thomson of

Brian Ferneyhough: Complete piano music 1965–2018
Sam Hayden: Becomings: works for solo piano
Kate Kennedy: Dweller in shadows: a life of Ivor Gurney
Beverly Jerold: Disinformation in mass media: Gluck, Piccinni, and the Journal de Paris

In memoriam

Louis Andriessen