From the Summer 2022 Musical Times, available now


John Bergsagel: ‘Gade in England’
Arnold Whittall: ‘Sam Hayden’s material mysteries’
Lionel Pike: ‘Thoughts on reconstructing Ward’s verse anthems’
Stephen Allen: ‘Love requiem 3: Resurgam and beyond’
Peter Van der Merwe: ‘The Handelian fourth’


by Judith Chernaik and Arnold Whittall of

Steven Isserlis: The Bach cello suites: a companion
Benjamin Shute: Sei solo: Symbolum? The theology of J.S. Bach’s solo violin works
Richard Stokes: The complete songs of Hugo Wolf: life, letters, Lieder
Daniel Chua & Alexander Rehding: Alien listening: Voyager’s Golden Record and music from the earth
Sunny Knable, ed.: Looking within: the music of John Palmer: dialogues and essays