From the Autumn 2011 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘Dendritic designs: Birtwistle’s String quartet: the tree of strings
Allan W. Atlas: ‘On the proportions of the passacaglia (fourth movement) of Vaughan Williams’s Fifth Symphony’
Fabian Huss: ‘EJ Moeran: letters to Hubert Foss and Benjamin Britten’
Michael Hooper: ‘Reaching higher: Finnissy’s Greatest hits of all time as the impetus for innovation’
Caroline Rae: ‘Debussyist, modernist, exoticist: Marius-François Gaillard rediscovered
Laura Hamer: ‘On the conductor’s podium: Jane Evrard and the Orchestre féminin de Paris'

Book reviews

by Patricia Howard, Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall and Peter Williams of

Roger Nichols: Ravel
Deborah Mawer, ed.: Ravel studies
David Schulenberg: The music of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Peter Holman: Life after death: the viola da gamba in Britain from Purcell to Dolmetsch
Paul Griffiths: Modern music and after, 3rd edition
Max Paddison & Irène Deliège: Contemporary music: theoretical and philosophical perspectives
Bojan Bujic: Arnold Schoenberg
Sabine Fest: Schoenberg’s new world: the American years
Thomas Schmidt-Beste: The sonata