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Rita Steblin: ‘Who was Beethoven’s “Elise”? A new solution to the mystery’

Kieran Fenby-Hulse: ‘Beethoven, literature, and the idea of tragedy’

Andrew Thomson: ‘Mélisande’s sickroom and Baudelaire’s angels: secret programmes in Berg’s Violin Concerto’

Arnold Whittall: ‘Rotations and reflections: the musical presence of George Benjamin

Beverly Jerold: ‘Tempi in the era of Bach’

Leo Black: ‘The birth of a dynasty: remembering Francesco Ticciati’

Book reviews

by Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall, Patricia Howard and Peter Williams of

Richard Chesser & David Wyn Jones, edd.: The land of opportunity: Joseph Haydn and Britain
Robert G. Rawson: Bohemian baroque: Czech musical culture and style, 1600–1750
Alexander J. Fisher: Music, piety, & propaganda: the soundscapes of Counter-Reformation Bavaria
Stephen Walsh: Musorgsky and his circle
Michael Burden: Regina Mingotti: diva and impresario at the King’s Theatre, London
Stephen Lloyd: Constant Lambert: beyond The Rio Grande

From the Spring 2014 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘Parsifal 2014: composition and culture’
Bojan Bujić: ‘Language and identity: Wagner and some dilemmas of early modernism’
Kevin O’Connell: ‘Why is Berg’s op.6 still so difficult to understand?’
Leo Black: ‘A rearguard action for the avant-garde: 23
Rodney Stenning Edgecombe: ‘Topoi and melodic morphology in the operas of Donizetti’
Peter Williams: ‘Bach and the organ’
Olga Baird: ‘Pugnani and Viotti’s European tour: new materials from the memoirs of Ludwig-Wilhelm Tepper de Ferguson’

Book reviews

by Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall, Peter Phillips, Matthias Range and Peter Williams of

Barbara L. Kelly: Music and ultra-modernism in France: a fragile consensus, 1913–1939
Alain Frogley & Aidan J. Thomson, edd.: The Cambridge companion to Vaughan Williams
Phillip A. Cooke & David Maw, edd.: The music of Herbert Howells
Monty Adkins & Michael Russ, edd.: The Roberto Gerhard companion
Christopher Mark: Britten: an extraordinary life
Keith Potter, Kyle Gann & Pwyll ap Siôn, edd.: The Ashgate research companion to minimalist and postminimalist music
Pwyll ap Siôn, ed.: Michael Nyman: collected writings
Robert Adlington: Composing dissent: avant-garde music in 1960s Amsterdam
Kevin C. Karnes: A kingdom not of this world: Wagner, the arts, & utopian visions in fin-de-siècle Vienna
Willem Elders: Josquin des Prez and his musical legacy: an introductory guide
Christian Bährens: Händels Utrechter Te Deum: Geschichte – Musik – Interpretation
Trevor Herbert & Helen Barlow: Music and the British military in the long nineteenth century

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Chris Walton: ‘The many lives of Marcel Sulzberger’

Marten Noorduin: ‘Czerny’s impossible metronome marks’

Benjamin Wolf: ‘The SPNM 1943–1975: a retrospective’

Michael Hooper: ‘The well-tempered oboe and the tradition of innovation’

Book reviews

by Andrew Thomson, Leo Black, Arnold Whittall, Peter Williams and Patricia Howard of

John Drysdale: Elgar’s earnings

Annegret Fauser: Sounds of war: music in the United States during World War II

Robert Pascall: Brahms beyond mastery: his Sarabande and Gavotte and its recompositions

Tamara Levitz, ed.: Stravinsky and his world

Hans Keller: Britten: essays, letters and opera guides

Gregory S. Johnston: A Heinrich Schütz reader: letters and documents in translation

William Gibbons: Building the operatic museum: eighteenth-century opera in fin-de-siècle Paris

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Allan W. Atlas: ‘On the cyclic integrity of Vaughan Williams’s Songs of travel: one new question – no new answer’

Minji Kim: ‘ “The rise and fall of empires”: predestination and free will in Jennens and Handel’s Belshazzar

Franco Sciannameo: ‘Ennio Morricone at 85: a conversation about his “mission” ’

Rodney Stenning Edgecombe: ‘The elegiac epithalamium: a romantic topos’

Robert Michael Anderson: ‘Polemics or philosophy? Musical pathology in Eduard Hanslick’s Vom Musikalisch-Schönen

Book reviews

by Leo Black, Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall, David CormackPatricia Howard, Peter Williams and David Wright of

Scott Burnham: Mozart’s grace
Simon Morrison: Lina & Serge: the love & wars of Lina Prokofiev
Igor Stravinsky: The rite of spring: facsimile of the autograph full score
Igor Stravinsky: The rite of spring: facsimile of the version for piano four hands
Hermann Danuser & Heidy Zimmermann, edd.: Avatar of modernity: The rite of spring reconsidered
Robert Craft: Stravinsky: discoveries & memories
John W. Barker: Wagner and Venice fictionalized
George Rochberg: A dance of polar opposites: the continuing transformation of our musical language
Lawrence Kramer: Expression and truth: on the music of knowledge 
Guy Capuzzo: Elliott Carter’s What next?: communication cooperation, and separation
Joel Sachs: Henry Cowell: a man made of music
Barbara Eichner: History in mighty sounds: musical constructions of German national identity 1848–1914
Nicole Grimes, Siobhán Donovan & Wolfgang Marx, edd.: Rethinking Hanslick: music, formalism, and expression
Thomas Adès: Full of noises: conversations with Tom Service 
Neil Jenkins: John Beard: Handel and Garrick’s favourite tenor
Sarah McCleave: Dance in Handel’s London operas 
Zoltan Göncz: Bach’s testament: on the philosophical and theological background of The art of fugue
Anthony Hammond: Pierre Cochereau: organist of Notre-Dame 
Daniel Jay Grimminger: Sacred song and the Pennsylvania Dutch
Kenneth Gloag & Nicholas Jones, edd.: The Cambridge companion to Michael Tippett

From the Summer 2013 Musical Times, available now

Arnold Whittall: ‘Britten and Lutosławski: taming the 20th-century avant garde’
Andrew Thomson: ‘Kill or cure? Eros and death instincts in Mahler 6 and Elgar 2’
Richard Turbet: ‘Music by Byrd and his British contemporaries in European libraries’
Mary Cyr: ‘Rameau and the viol: the enigma of the “Musette en rondeau” ’
Michael Baker: ‘A study in phrase rhythm: Werner’s Curious musical calendar
Simon Fleming: ‘John Pixell: an 18th-century vicar and composer’
Simon Andrews: ‘Is Mozart the author of the orchestration of bars 37–48 of the Requiem aeternam of K.626?’
Karen McAulay: ‘ “Appropriate melodies” and “natural modes”: two Victorian Scottish songbooks’

Book reviews
by Arnold Whittall, Andrew ThomsonPatricia Howard and David Wright of

Philip Reed & Mervyn Cooke, edd.: Letters from a life: selected letters of Benjamin Britten, volume six 1966–1976
Neil Powell: Benjamin Britten: a life for music
Paul Kildea: Benjamin Britten: a life in the twentieth century
David CH WrightThe Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: a social and cultural history
Charles Ford: Music, sexuality and the Enlightenment in Mozart’s Figaro, Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte
Clive McClelland: Ombra: supernatural music in the eighteenth century
Marina Frolova-Walker & Jonathan Walker: Music and Soviet power 1917–1932

What We Really Do

Newly published

The Tallis Scholars
second edition

by Peter Phillips

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From the Spring 2013 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘Lohengrin and the constraints of romantic opera’
David Cormack: ‘Wagner curiosities in the Bergen Public Library’
Leo Black: ‘Recalled to life: mature reflections on Schubert’s Lazarus
Judith Chernaik: ‘Mendelssohn reconsidered’
Markus Rathey: ‘Between Heine, Werner and Bach: two quotations in Mendelssohn’s Fifth Symphony op.107’
Donald Burrows: ‘Reconstructing Handel’s performances of L’Allegro
Olive Barlow & Thelma Wilson: ‘Handel, Eccles and the birthday celebrations for Queen Anne in 1711’
Olga Baird: ‘Early settings of the Ode to joy: Schiller–Beethoven–Tepper’

Book reviews

by Patricia Howard, Andrew Thomson
, Arnold Whittall and Peter Williams of

Sergey Prokofiev: Diaries 1924–1933: prodigal son
Friedemann Sallis, Robin Elliott & Kenneth DeLong, edd.: Centre and periphery, roots and exile: interpreting the music of István Anhalt, György Kurtág, and Sándor Veress
AM Garnham: Hans Keller and internment: the development of an émigré musician 1938–48
Hans Keller & Milein Cosman: Stravinsky the music-maker: writings, prints and drawings
Richard Cohn: Audacious euphony: chromaticism and the triad’s second nature
Philip Olleson, ed.: The journals and letters of Susan Burney
Giorgio Sanguinetti: The art of partimento: history, theory and practice
Nicholas Baragwanath: The Italian traditions & Puccini: compositional theory and practice in nineteenth-century opera
Peter Dickinson, ed.: Lennox Berkeley and friends: writings, letters and interviews