From the Winter 2013 Musical Times, available now


Chris Walton: ‘The many lives of Marcel Sulzberger’

Marten Noorduin: ‘Czerny’s impossible metronome marks’

Benjamin Wolf: ‘The SPNM 1943–1975: a retrospective’

Michael Hooper: ‘The well-tempered oboe and the tradition of innovation’

Book reviews

by Andrew Thomson, Leo Black, Arnold Whittall, Peter Williams and Patricia Howard of

John Drysdale: Elgar’s earnings

Annegret Fauser: Sounds of war: music in the United States during World War II

Robert Pascall: Brahms beyond mastery: his Sarabande and Gavotte and its recompositions

Tamara Levitz, ed.: Stravinsky and his world

Hans Keller: Britten: essays, letters and opera guides

Gregory S. Johnston: A Heinrich Schütz reader: letters and documents in translation

William Gibbons: Building the operatic museum: eighteenth-century opera in fin-de-siècle Paris