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Rita Steblin: ‘Who was Beethoven’s “Elise”? A new solution to the mystery’

Kieran Fenby-Hulse: ‘Beethoven, literature, and the idea of tragedy’

Andrew Thomson: ‘Mélisande’s sickroom and Baudelaire’s angels: secret programmes in Berg’s Violin Concerto’

Arnold Whittall: ‘Rotations and reflections: the musical presence of George Benjamin

Beverly Jerold: ‘Tempi in the era of Bach’

Leo Black: ‘The birth of a dynasty: remembering Francesco Ticciati’

Book reviews

by Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall, Patricia Howard and Peter Williams of

Richard Chesser & David Wyn Jones, edd.: The land of opportunity: Joseph Haydn and Britain
Robert G. Rawson: Bohemian baroque: Czech musical culture and style, 1600–1750
Alexander J. Fisher: Music, piety, & propaganda: the soundscapes of Counter-Reformation Bavaria
Stephen Walsh: Musorgsky and his circle
Michael Burden: Regina Mingotti: diva and impresario at the King’s Theatre, London
Stephen Lloyd: Constant Lambert: beyond The Rio Grande