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Jeremy L. Smith: ‘Lassus, Ferrabosco the Elder, Byrd, and the identification of Mary Queen of Scots as biblical Susanna’
Justin Vickers: ‘Benjamin Britten’s silent ‘Epilogue’ to The holy sonnets of John Donne
James Brooks Kuykendall: ‘Britten, Bach and the Passion’
Ryan Ross: ‘ “There in the fastness of rural England”: Vaughan Williams, folk song and George Borrow’s Lavengro
Eric L. Altschuler & Anthony Phillips: ‘The sound of topology: two-dimensional manifolds in Bach’
Olga Baird: ‘Antonio Casimir Cartellieri and his mysterious patron, “Count Oborsky” ’
Leo Black: ‘The triumph of euphoria: Schumann’s Konzertstück op.86 for four horns and orchestra’
David Cormack: ‘In the shadow of La Sphinx Cosima: Carrie Pringle’s afterlife’

Book reviews

by Peter Williams, Peter Phillips, Barbara Barry, Arnold Whittall, Andrew Thomson and Chris Walton of

Jeffers Engelhardt: Singing the right way: Orthodox Christians and secular enchantment in Estonia
Martin Thomas: English cathedral music and liturgy in the twentieth century
Jonathan Arnold: Sacred music in secular society
Ivan Moody: Modernism and Orthodox spirituality in contemporary music
Julian Johnson: Out of time: music and the making of modernity
Christopher Alan Reynolds: Wagner, Schumann and the lessons of Beethoven’s Ninth
Katherine Kolb, ed.: Berlioz on music: selected criticism 1824–1837
Stephanus van Zyl Muller: Nagmusiek