From the Winter 2010 Musical Times, available now


Andrew Parrott: ‘Bach’s chorus: no change’
Benjamin Dwyer: ‘From the Celtic to the abstract: shifting perspectives in the music of John Buckley’
Sylvia Bowden: ‘Beethoven’s distant beloved: the “only” one’
Rodney Stenning Edgecombe: ‘Blessed assurance: some secular uses of the chorale’
John S. Jenkins: ‘Mozart and the castrati’
Carl Abbott: ‘Marguerite de Pachmann: a forgotten woman pianist and composer’
Godwin Sadoh: ‘The orchestral works of Samuel Akpabot, a Nigerian composer-ethnomusicologist’

Book reviews

by Peter Phillips, Andrew Thomson, Peter Williams, Patricia Howard, Chris Walton and Arnold Whittall of

Christopher Page: The Christian west and its singers: the first thousand years
Chris Walton: Othmar Schoeck: life and works
Emma Hornby & David Maw: Essays on the history of English music: sources, style, performance, historiography
John Cunningham: The consort music of William Lawes 1602–1645
Irving Godt: Marianna Martines: a woman composer in the Vienna of Mozart and Haydn
Nicholas Vazsonyi: Richard Wagner: self-promotion and the making of a brand
James Garratt: Music, culture and social reform in the age of Wagner
Lee Rothfarb: August Halm: a critical and creative life in music