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Arnold Whittall: ‘Lohengrin and the constraints of romantic opera’
David Cormack: ‘Wagner curiosities in the Bergen Public Library’
Leo Black: ‘Recalled to life: mature reflections on Schubert’s Lazarus
Judith Chernaik: ‘Mendelssohn reconsidered’
Markus Rathey: ‘Between Heine, Werner and Bach: two quotations in Mendelssohn’s Fifth Symphony op.107’
Donald Burrows: ‘Reconstructing Handel’s performances of L’Allegro
Olive Barlow & Thelma Wilson: ‘Handel, Eccles and the birthday celebrations for Queen Anne in 1711’
Olga Baird: ‘Early settings of the Ode to joy: Schiller–Beethoven–Tepper’

Book reviews

by Patricia Howard, Andrew Thomson
, Arnold Whittall and Peter Williams of

Sergey Prokofiev: Diaries 1924–1933: prodigal son
Friedemann Sallis, Robin Elliott & Kenneth DeLong, edd.: Centre and periphery, roots and exile: interpreting the music of István Anhalt, György Kurtág, and Sándor Veress
AM Garnham: Hans Keller and internment: the development of an émigré musician 1938–48
Hans Keller & Milein Cosman: Stravinsky the music-maker: writings, prints and drawings
Richard Cohn: Audacious euphony: chromaticism and the triad’s second nature
Philip Olleson, ed.: The journals and letters of Susan Burney
Giorgio Sanguinetti: The art of partimento: history, theory and practice
Nicholas Baragwanath: The Italian traditions & Puccini: compositional theory and practice in nineteenth-century opera
Peter Dickinson, ed.: Lennox Berkeley and friends: writings, letters and interviews