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Sabra Statham: ‘ “Back to Baltimore”: George Antheil’s symphonic excursion from European modernism to American postmodernism’
Barry Cooper & Erica Buurman: ‘The influence of Wolfgang Ebner’s Ferdinand Variations on Bach, Beethoven and others’
Olive Barlow & Thelma Wilson: ‘The Subscription Musick of 1703–04’
Beverly Jerold: ‘The varied reprise in 18th-century instrumental music’
Simon Fleming: ‘John Garth and his music: an important provincial composer from 18th-century Britain’

Book reviews

by Leo Black, Patricia Howard, Arnold Whittall and Peter Williams of

Susan Wollenberg: Schubert’s fingerprints: studies in the instrumental works
Kristina Muxfeldt: Vanishing sensibilities: Schubert, Beethoven, Schumann 
Rob Haskins: John Cage
Jeremy GrimshawDraw a straight line and follow it: the music and mysticism of La Monte Young
Andrew Shenton, ed.: The Cambridge companion to Arvo Pärt
Matthew Dirst: Engaging Bach: the keyboard legacy from Marpurg to Mendelssohn
Martin Harlow, ed.: Mozart’s chamber music with keyboard
Susan McClary: Desire and pleasure in seventeenth-century music
Hugh Macdonald: Music in 1853: the biography of a year
Ryan Minor: Choral fantasies: music, festivity, and nationhood in nineteenth-century Germany