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Arnold Whittall: ‘Distressed surfaces: Morgan Hayes and 21st-century expressionism’
Sylvia Bowden: ‘ “Mademoiselle Maxemiliana Brentano” and the English edition of Beethoven’s op.106’
Stephen Husarik: ‘Musical direction and the wedge in Beethoven’s high comedy, Grosse Fuge op.133’
Judith Chernaik: ‘Schumann’s Papillons op.2: a case study’
Jeroen Tempelman: ‘Eduard Strauss in America, 1890’

Book reviews

by Patricia Howard, Andrew Thomson and Peter Williams of

Andrew H. Weaver: Sacred music as public image for Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III
Bettina Varwig: Histories of Heinrich Schütz
Ian Woodfield: Performing operas for Mozart
Stephen Rumph: Mozart and Enlightenment semiotics
RJ Stove: César Franck: his life and times