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Peter Phillips: ‘Singing polyphony’

Arnold Whittall: ‘The public and the personal: Birtwistle and Maxwell Davies at 80’

Leo Black: ‘A fugal sonata without a fugue: Beethoven’s op.102 no.1’

Daniel Elphick: ‘Weinberg, Shostakovich and the influence of Anxiety

Nick Zangwill: ‘Friends reunited: Susan McClary and musical formalism’

Michael Kassler: ‘The singer and the future king: Henriette Kneisel and Ernest Augustus’

Book reviews

by Kevin O’Connell, David Wright, Peter Williams, Patricia Howard, Arnold Whittall and Andrew Thomson of

Ben Earle: Luigi Dallapiccola and musical modernism in Fascist Italy
David Beard: Harrison Birtwistle’s operas and music theatre
Paul Spicer: Sir George Dyson: his life and music   
Artur SchnabelWalking freely on firm ground: letters to Mary Virginia Foreman, 1935–1951

Andrew Woolley & John Kitchen, edd.: Interpreting historical keyboard music: sources, contexts and performance
Alison Hood: Interpreting Chopin: analysis and performance
Nicholas Cook: Beyond the score: music as performance
Ellen Rosand, edd.: Readying Cavalli’s operas for the stage: manuscript, edition, production
Rebecca Cypess, Beth L. Glixon & Nathan Link, edd.: Word, image, and song: essays in early modern Italy
Julie Brown: Schoenberg and redemption
Silvio J. dos Santos: Narratives of identity in Alban Berg’s Lulu
Chris Walton: Lies and epiphanies: composers and their inspiration from Wagner to Berg
Scott McCarrey & Lesley A. Wright, edd.: Perspectives on the performance of French music
Marina Ritzarev: Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique and Russian culture