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Arnold Whittall: ‘Measures of authenticity: the macrotonal music of Julian Anderson’

Leo Black: ‘A spirit awake: Joseph Marx at 51’

Rodney Stenning Edgecombe: ‘The score of Giselle

Matthias Range: ‘Handelian revisions? William Croft’s orchestrally accompanied Te Deum and Jubilate’

Godwin Sadoh: ‘Ayo Bankole at 80’

Book reviews

by Judith Chernaik, Peter Williams, Peter Phillips, Andrew Thomson and Arnold Whittall of

Robert und Clara Schumann im Briefwechsel mit der Familie Mendelssohn
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sämtliche Briefe
Peter Schleuning: Vom Kaffeehaus zum Fürstenhof: Johann Sebastian Bachs weltliche Kantaten
Eric Chafe: J.S. Bach’s Johannine theology: the St John Passion and the cantatas for Spring 1725
Patricia Howard: The modern castrato: Gaetano Guadagni and the coming of a new operatic age
Klára Móricz & Simon Morrison, edd.: Funeral games in honour of Arthur Vincent Lourié
Bob Gilmore: Claude Vivier: a composer’s life
Anastasia Belina-Johnson, ed.: A musician divided: André Tchaikovsky in his own words
Robert Spruytenburg: The LaSalle Quartet: conversations with Walter Levin
Paul Dawson-Bowling: The Wagner experience and its meaning to us
Katherine R. Syer: Wagner’s visions: poetry, politics, and the psyche in the operas through Die Walküre
Mark Berry: After Wagner: histories of modernist music drama from Parsifal to Nono