From the Summer 2015 Musical Times, available now


Leo Black: ‘The pursuit of love: Hans Gál at 125’
Richard Witts: ‘Shopping and Fricker: the origins of the Cheltenham Festival of Modern British Music and the “Cheltenham Symphony”’
Andrew D. Roberts: ‘Making music in Chelsea, 1906–1969: the Town Hall and the Music Club’
Sylvia Bowden: ‘Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved”: a passionate or compassionate relationship?’
David Newsholme: ‘World of Worcester: rediscovered sacred music of William Davis’

Book reviews

by Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall, Patricia Howard and Peter Williams of

Stephen Schloesser: Visions of Amen: the early life and music of Olivier Messiaen
Mark Evan Bonds: Absolute music: the history of an idea
Daniel Péter Biró & Harald Krebs, edd.: The string quartets of Bela Bartók: tradition and legacy in analytical perspective
Tim Eggington: The advancement of music in Enlightenment England: Benjamin Cooke and the Academy of Ancient Music
Hans Gál: Music behind the barbed wire: a diary of summer 1940
Tessa Murray: Thomas Morley: Elizabethan music publisher
Kerry McCarthy: Byrd
Malcolm Walker & David Davies: Heavenly harmony: organs and organists of Exeter Cathedral