From the Autumn 2016 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘From post-tonal to postmodern? Two string quartets by Joseph Phibbs
Robin Maconie: ‘Stockhausen’s Elektronische Studien I and II’
Diego Malquori: ‘Music beyond silence: a reading of Arvo Pärt’s Credo’ 
Mary Cyr: ‘Marin Marais, the basse-continue and a “different manner” of composing for the viol’
Luke Dollman: ‘A gulf of difference: conducting pedagogues Ilya Musin and Jorma Panula’
Allan W. Atlas: ‘Vaughan Williams in the New York crossfire: Olin and Harold v. Virgil and Paul’
Joseph Arthur Mann:  ‘Nineteenth-century music and the case of James William Davison’

by Peter Phillips, Patricia Howard, Arnold Whittall and Andrew Thomson of
Matthias Range: British royal and state funerals: music and ceremonial since Elizabeth I
Paul F. Rice: Venanzio Rauzzini in Britain: castrato, composer, and cultural leader
Hilda Meldrum Brown: The quest for the Gesamtkunstwerk & Richard Wagner
Peter Wiegold & Ghislaine Kenyon, edd.: Beyond Britten: the composer and the community
Eric Saylor & Christopher M. Scheer, edd.: The sea in the British musical imagination
MJ Grant & Imke Misch, edd.: The musical legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen: looking back and forward
Caroline Potter: Erik Satie: a Parisian composer and his world
Peter Dickinson: Words and music