From the Spring 2018 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘Michael Tippett and the model musical citizen’
John Harley: ‘William Forster discovered’
Eric L. Altschuler: ‘A whole-tone scale and a “mirror” repeat in Bach’s partitas and sonatas for solo violin’
Katalin Komlós: ‘Tonus primus in Haydn’s instrumental music’
Barbara Barry: ‘Spiral time and the paradigm of persuasion: recontextualising Beethoven’s String Quartet op.127’
Olga Baird: ‘Josef Woelfl in Warsaw: his Polish patrons, pupils, addressees and friends’

Diego Malquori: ‘Form, dissonance and life in Schoenberg’s expressionist music’


by Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall and Patricia Howard of

Paul Watt: Ernest Newman: a critical biography
Vicki P. Stroeher & Justin Vickers, edd.: Benjamin Britten studies: essays on an inexplicit art
David Forrest, Quinn Patrick Ankrum, Stacey Jocoy & Emily Ahrens Yates, edd.: Essays on Benjamin Britten from a centenary symposium
Eric Saylor: English pastoral music: from arcadia to utopia, 1900–1955
Helen Southworth: ‘Fresca’: a life in the making: a biographer’s quest for a forgotten Bloomsbury polymath
RJ Arnold: Musical debate and political culture in France 1700–1830