From the Summer 2018 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘Recession, reflation: Skempton, Finnissy and musical modernism’s classical roots’
Fiona Richards: ‘Max & Mick: the partnership of Peter Maxwell Davies and Randolph Stow’
Lionel Pike: ‘ “It’s what I wanted to write”: Howells and Magdalen’
Annika Forkert: ‘ “Always a European”: Edward Clark’s musical work’
Allan W. Atlas: ‘Vaughan Williams and the New York Philharmonic: three glimpses behind the scenes’
Simon Fleming: ‘The land without music: some post-1800 perceptions of 18th-century British music’
Louisa Danielson: ‘The music of a new urban centre: Fort Wayne’s continuing story’


by Benjamin Dwyer and Patricia Howard of

Mark Fitzgerald: The life and music of  James Wilson
Mitchell Cohen: The politics of  opera: a history from Monteverdi to Mozart