From the Spring 2020 Musical Times, available now


 Arnold Whittall: ‘ “This is tomorrow”: Birtwistle’s Orpheus in another world
Donald Burrows: ‘In Handel’s shadow: performances of Messiah in Dublin during the 1740s
Allan W. Atlas: ‘Vaughan Williams, the Serenade to music and opening night at Lincoln Center’
Michael Talbot: ‘Antoine Favre (c.1670–c.1739): a good violinist and an even better composer’
Beverly Jerold: ‘Distinguishing between dotted notes and notes inégales
Eric L. Altschuler: ‘Cantata aria BWV 151/1 and the proportional theory of tempos for JS Bach’
David Cormack: ‘Wagner’s German “Marseillaise” ’
Robin Maconie: ‘Trios and epitaphs: on Boulez’s Sur incises’


by Andrew Thomson and Arnold Whittall of

David CH Wright: The Royal College of Music and its contexts: an artistic and social history
Matthew Mugmon: Aaron Copland and the American legacy of Gustav Mahler
Amy Lynn Wlodarski: George Rochberg, American composer: personal trauma and artistic creativity
Sumanth Gopinath & Pwyll ap Siôn, edd.: Rethinking Reich
Hans Keller: Beethoven’s String Quartet in B flat major, op.130: four lectures