From the Winter 2019 Musical Times, available now


Ronald Broude & Mary Cyr: ‘Keeping the customers satisfied: updating older music in Bourbon France’
Judith Chernaik: ‘Brahms’s Clara themes revisited’
Annika Forkert: ‘Lutyens in Liverpool’
Robin Maconie: ‘Reading Cage’
Brian Newbould: ‘On Mozart 3: when space is music’
Robert Orledge: ‘ “To boldly go”: Erik Satie’s “simple little prelude” of 1894 sets out on an esoteric astral journey towards “The Heroic Gate of Heaven” ’


by Patricia Howard, Andrew Thomson and Arnold Whittall of   
Michael Allis, ed.: Granville Bantock’s letters to William Wallace and Ernest Newman, 1893–1921
Margaret R. Butler: Musical theater in eighteenth-century Parma: entertainment, sovereignty, reform
Jeremy Dibble & Julian Horton, edd.: British musical criticism and intellectual thought, 1850–1950
Rose Dodd, ed.: Writing to Louis Andriessen: commentaries on life and music
Daniel M. Grimley: Delius and the sound of place
François de Médicis & Steven Huebner, edd.: Debussy’s resonance
Desmond Scott, Lewis Foreman & Leslie De’Ath, edd.: The Cyril Scott companion: unity in diversity
Ian Woodfield: Cabals & satires: Mozart’s comic operas in Vienna