From the Spring 2017 Musical Times, available now


Barbara Barry: ‘Invisible cities and imaginary landscapes “quasi una fantasia”: on Beethoven’s op.131’

Rodney Stenning Edgecombe: ‘The varieties of musical pastiche: a taxonomy’

John Harley: ‘Byrd, barley break, battles, branles and ballets’

Richard Turbet: ‘Two invisible songs by Byrd’

Stephen Arthur Allen: ‘Death of inner sense: the passacaglia finale of Britten’s Violin Concerto’

Robin Rolfhamre: ‘The language of Early Music performance: a proposition on how to connect words and instrumental music’

Olga Baird: ‘ “To Madame Zernitz, née Deeling, in Warsaw, with particular respect and friendship” ’ 


by Andrew Thomson, Arnold Whittall, David Wright and Gary O’Shea of

Oliver Hilmes: Franz Liszt: musician, celebrity, superstar
Charles Youmans: Mahler & Strauss: in dialogue
Michael Reynolds: Creating Der Rosenkavalier: from chevalier to cavalier
David Wyn Jones: Music in Vienna: 1700, 1800, 1900
Christopher Redwood: William Hurlstone: Croydon’s forgotten musical genius
Philip Ross Bullock: Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Pauline Fairclough: Classics for the masses: shaping Soviet musical identity under Lenin and Stalin
Marina Frolova-Warner: Stalin’s music prize: Soviet culture and politics
Cameron Pyke: Britten and Russia
Vicki P. Stroeher, Nicholas Clark & Jude Brimmer, edd.: My beloved man: the letters of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears